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12/08/2014 | Webreality

A helping hand for Channel Islands Airsearch

In November 2013 "Lion's Pride", the sole aircraft of Channel Islands Airsearch, made an emergency landing on Jersey's north coast whilst responding to an emergency call-out in foul weather.

CIAS is now engaged in a massive fundraising effort to buy a brand new aircraft. 

At Webreality we were very moved by the story of the accident - the extraordinary skill of the pilot in landing in the dark in a small field on a gale-swept headland, and the miraculous escape from injury of every member of the crew aboard Lion's Pride. Sadly, the aircraft was a total loss.

Every person living in Jersey could one day face the need for a rescue at sea. Last Saturday alone, a calm day in August, there were five emergency calls to Jersey's RNLI stations.

Whether you're an avid boater, an occasional kayaker, a pier fisherman or simply a passenger on board a ferry or plane, the sea around us makes us all potential beneficiaries of our brave and skilful voluntary search and rescue services.

That's why we decided to offer CIAS help at no cost with a brand new website focused on generating the donations they desperately need to achieve their fund-raising target for a new aircraft. 

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This new website joins the one we donated to the Jersey RNLI stations in 2010 -

We are very proud to be doing what we can with our own resources to support the people who put their own lives at risk to keep Channel Islanders safe.

Now... will you do the right thing and make a donation to Channel Islands Airsearch?

Their accident isn't in the news any more, but the fundraising continues and the need is as strong as ever.

Please give them your support.