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20/01/2012 | Webreality

Facebook changes page admin access

Facebook likes to keep us on our toes, changing how things work. It’s not very intuitive, so we’re going to post little updates as and when we spot changes. 

The latest change we noticed is to the way you make a person an administrator of a Facebook page.


Previously you’d go to the number of people who like the page, displayed in the left hand column in the form “1,034 like this” (see above) and click on the “like this” text link below the number. Then you could simply select who you’d like to make an administrator from the alphabetical list of “likers.”


Now you have to click the “Edit page” button in the top right corner (seeabove) and select “Manage admins” in the left hand menu. Much more intuitive.

You’ll be asked to add admins by typing in their name or the e-mail address that’s associated with their Facebook account. It’s a simple as that.

One little gotcha: as before, anyone whom you want to make an admin of the page must “like” the page first.