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01/04/2015 | Webreality

Is Google about to leave your website behind?

Mobile devices

What’s all the fuss about?

The forthcoming algorithm update will impact on search engine results for the millions of enquiries made on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets each day.  

Although it’s yet to be confirmed, the new algorithm is expected to see non-responsive websites penalised in Google searches made on all mobile devices. "Non-responsive" means a website design that doesn't adapt its layout according to the device it's being viewed on. 

Should I be worried?

If your website is not currently ‘mobile friendly’ it may experience significant downward movement in the Google rankings for searches made on mobile devices. If your website is responsive, you can sit back and anticipate no loss of position at worst, and significant potential gains over your competitors at best. 

Why is this important? 

Mobile search is kind of a big deal. Research by WeAreSocial suggests that mobile phones and tablets accounted for 38% of all web pages served in 2014, whilst laptops and desktops suffered a decline of 13% in page views compared to 2013. 

What’s more, the UK is an international leader in terms of active e-commerce use. Recent data revealed that almost two-thirds of the British population made an online purchase during the recent Christmas/New Year period. Seriously.  

So, when? 

Google has been unusually open about the update schedule – it’ll roll out on 21 April 2015. 

What can I do?  

Contact Webreality. We began specialising in responsive website design long before it was cool, as many of our clients will testify. We can help you assess your situation and plan a response.