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17/02/2016 | Webreality

Le Gallais - an old business embracing modern marketing

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Webreality has long had a good relationship with local property experts Le Gallais.

We built and maintain their website, and look after their digital marketing strategy.

In 2016 Le Gallais asked Webreality to take things to the next level: design, implement and manage a content marketing plan.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach that focusses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to consumers. The aim is to attract and retain an audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer relationships.

Instead of pitching products or services, you deliver information that provides value to customers, making them better informed, provoking thought or perhaps entertaining them.

But don’t estate agents want to be selling and letting houses?

Of course that is the ultimate goal! Le Gallais, like many estate agents, use a variety of online channels to promote their properties. Properties are publicised to well-defined, clearly targeted audiences on their website and via social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

So what is the point of content marketing?

The basis of this strategy is that if businesses deliver consistent, ongoing and valuable information to their customers, rather than just a sales pitch, they will be rewarded with business and loyalty.

How do you do this for an Estate Agent?

Webreality creates a carefully planned blend of content for Le Gallais which we distribute through various online channels to ensure it reaches the target audiences.

The content covers a range of topics that appeal to tenants, homeowners, house-hunters, interior design lovers and more. From tips for productive house viewings to profiling the latest interior trends, Le Gallais are providing their customers with useful and interesting information, adding value to their core property services.

This content may not generate immediate revenue, but it raises brand awareness of Le Gallais, and positions the business positively in the minds of potential customers. When it’s time to buy and sell, this connection might just give Le Gallais the edge.

Introducing the content

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This content is typically published as blog posts on the website, and distributed via sponsored Facebook posts. The mix includes:

  • In the Spotlight - Profiling and exploring property types that are typical to Jersey, from seaview apartments to granite farmhouses.

  • Get the look - A lifestyle blog focussing on simple interior design tips to make your home stand out.

  • Moving Checklist - Moving can be a stressful time, but with Le Gallais’  downloadable checklist you can make sure you have everything covered.

  • Discover Jersey - Exploring a different area on the Island each month, giving you the lowdown on where the eat, drink and shop, as well as interesting facts and property prices for the area.

  • Le Gallais’ Top Tips - Whether you’re looking to rent, buy your first property or move up the ladder, Le Gallais’ Top Tips provide you with professional insight to help you make the right decisions.

  • Property Statistics - Facts and figures explaining what makes the local property market tick.

This content also forms the basis of Le Gallais’ monthly e-newsletter, bringing a great selection of property-related news and features direct to customers’ inboxes.

And it’s not all words

As well as blog posts and articles, Le Gallais have embraced the concept of video content marketing, which we have recently introduced on their website.

Why video?

While another Facebook post about a property for sale can quickly become overlooked in a busy news feed, videos can provide the audience with an enjoyable ‘lean back’ experience that promises to be concise and interesting, and can be quickly shared with others.

In a video we can really communicate the flavour of a property, bringing out key features and using music to capture the atmosphere and feel. Watching a video is an immersive experience, and online users are more likely to click play and watch to the end than they are to click through a gallery of images.

See for yourself on Le Gallais’ Facebook page, where you can watch all of their property videos!

Tell me again - why content marketing?

In an age of information overload and short attention spans, it’s vital to offer relevant, appealing content that adds genuine value to their customers’ lives. And it’s just as important to know how to get this content in front of the right people.

If businesses succeed they can reach out to potential customers, grab their attention and be rewarded with their business and loyalty.

The sales pitch!

We understand that every business has different needs.

If you are looking to implement or improve a content marketing strategy - or you’re simply not sure where to get started - please get in touch.

We love good content, and we’d like to hear from you!