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31/12/2019 | Matthew Robins

Our new recruits in 2019

We can’t let 2019 close without reflecting on our brilliant new recruits in the year.

We created four brand new posts in Jersey in 2019, covering a diverse range of roles that reflect both growth in demand for our services, and our desire to develop and mature our internal processes.

Clockwise from top left: Will Evans, Jack Le Riche, Martine Steel, Elita Judjallo

First to join us was Front End Web Developer Jack Le Riche, in early January. Jack is a Jerseyman, as is probably evident from his surname. Educated on the rock, and with a Brighton University degree in Internet Business Computing, Jack had worked as a game developer for several years before joining us. We knew that that meant that he’d have an eye for pixel-perfection, along with experience of coding techniques that would translate well into building the user interfaces of the more complex websites and software we develop. Jack’s amazing code has really helped us raise our game this year, with ingenious solutions to some challenging client requirements.

In March we were joined by Elita Judjallo in the role of Trainee Web Developer. We love it when people bring diverse experience to their role, and few have done that as well as Elita. Hailing from Latvia, she has a degree in law and worked in sales and then in the Latvian police force before moving to Jersey in 2011. Since then she has worked in hospitality and as a lifeguard before deciding to retrain as a web developer. She completed the Digital Jersey coding course before being recommended to us as a trainee. I’m delighted to say that she motored through her learning with us, and is now a permanent and highly valued junior member of our development team.

Next through the door was Martine Steel, who won through a very competitive field of candidates for the new role of Production Manager. We were looking for someone to help us get and keep a grip on all of our resource planning, across our design, development and marketing services, making full use of our recently adopted agency management software, Accelo. Martine is originally from Jersey, but also a veteran of 15 years working in London, including six years in operational management in a specialist creative agency there. So she was able to step into the role with confidence, even if some of the specialist language we use internally was a bit alien! We’re already in a much better place thanks to Martine’s eagle eyes and organisational brilliance.

And fourth out of four, which is a place no self-respecting Evans likes to be, was Will Evans, who filled a newly-created Marketing Executive role alongside Geoff, Rosie, and Will’s big brother Mark, Webreality’s Marketing Director. Will’s remarkable digital marketing skills have been earned and learned in the world of e-commerce. After several years working in-house in a local e-commerce business in the vitamins, minerals and supplements sector, Will set up his own e-commerce business, just as brother Mark had several years before. Like Mark, Will learned at commercial front line, where sales results mattered every day, and his experience in SEO and PPC management is exceptional as a result.

As an added bonus in 2019, I’m pleased to note here that we experienced zero turnover since 1st January 2019. We’re all still here, 12 months later. 

Here’s to an exciting and successful 2020!