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27/07/2012 | Webreality

The hand-written word - the new cutting edge

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter at work?

For me, it could have been counted in years, until yesterday.

Having hosted Kevin Keen at Webreality’s table at the Jersey Chamber of Commerce lunch on Wednesday, I received a thank you letter from him yesterday, on Jersey Post headed paper, and written with a proper pen in his own hand-writing.

These days, that stands out. It made a huge impact on me, because it communicated the sentiment of the content so much more sincerely than a quick email might have.

Of course, Kevin is chief executive of Jersey’s postal service. So he’s also walking the talk, in a way that also sells the true value of physical rather than virtual communication.

Next time you need to make an real impact, why not put pen to paper? 

Me? I’m going to buy a new fountain pen.