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23/09/2013 | Webreality

Three sets of great tips for iOS 7 users


iOS 7 is being described as the biggest step forward since Apple launched iOS 2. But big steps forward often bring an overwhelming amount of change. 

To save you researching all the best advice for getting the most from "the best mobile operating system ever" (VentureBeat), we've collated three good posts full of tips.

  1. From Hypable: Six frustrating iOS 7 features and how you can fix them. Covers customisation of look and feel and sounds, plus a useful tip on battery conservation.
  2. From TechCrunch: A Few Tricks All The New iOS 7 Users Should Know. Manage your mobile data usage app by app; block people from calling and messaging you; and find the built-in spirit level!
  3. From ExtremeTech: 6 tips and tricks for iOS 7. AirDrop wireless file sharing; privacy in Safari; configuring Spotlight search.

Have fun with these, and please share any others you've found.