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21/08/2014 | Webreality

Webreality nurtures Jersey digital talent

Jersey talent

Four Jersey-educated employees have benefited recently from developments at Webreality.

The creation of three new permanent roles has reflected Webreality’s growth in recent months.

Justin Beck returned to Jersey in 2012 to take up a new role in Webreality’s web design team, where his twelve years of experience as a graphic designer have strengthened the creative output. Mr Beck has benefited from an ongoing programme of learning at Webreality focused on the requirements of design for web and mobile, with a particular focus on digital advertising campaign development. He was born in Jersey and educated at Victoria College.

Also born and educated in Jersey, Geoff Langdon was originally employed by Webreality in 2011 on a 12 month internship as part of his degree course in Business Information Technology at Bournemouth University. During his internship his skills were developed from basic web coding to fully commercially applicable skills in the development of a wide range of websites. He successfully completed his degree and then returned to Webreality in late 2013, where he has been further retrained in digital marketing management, drawing on his studies and his previous commercial experience with the company. In May 2014 he was formally appointed to the new role of Digital Marketing Analyst, reflecting Webreality’s recent investment in skills and resources in digital marketing support services for its clients. 

Paulo Freitas was educated at Les Quennevais School and Highlands College before starting a BSc degree in Digital Art & Technology. He took up an internship at Webreality between 2012 and 2013, following a similar path to Geoff Langdon by focusing on the development of his skills in building websites. He returned to Webreality this month in a newly created permanent role as a Junior Web Developer.

New recruit Tom Declat has recently returned from four years living in Australia, where he studied Visual Communication Design at Griffith University, Brisbane, and worked in an advertising agency in the city. Mr Declat was educated at Victoria College and Hautlieu. He worked in finance for two years before moving to Australia. In April this year he took up a vacancy at Webreality as a Web Designer. 

Matthew Robins, Chief Executive of Webreality, commented:

“It’s not easy to find people in Jersey with the right skills for a creative digital business, so we are very motivated to nurture locally-grown talent wherever possible. These four impressive team members are strong evidence of that commitment, and the majority of the rest of our Jersey team was also educated in the island and developed at Webreality. It feels good to be able to report success in growing the local talent base this way. 

“That said, we have equally found that certain specialist roles in the digital industry are almost impossible to recruit locally, so we welcome the ongoing commitment by the States of Jersey to demonstrate flexibility where licences are needed for specialist skills.”