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Rebuilding Seymour Hotels' digital presence

We took a scrupulously rigorous approach, analysing every decision & carefully considering each element.


Owned and managed by the Seymour family since 1919, it’s the personal touch that makes Seymour’s hotels and restaurants stand out. We captured the distinctive personality of their hotels, communicating the warm welcome, hospitality and exceptional service their guests experience.

Here’s how we rebuilt Seymour’s digital presence, combining inspiring creativity with a rigorously planned user experience.

  • Digital strategy
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Digital brand extension
  • Content production
  • Website design & build
  • Digital campaigns
  • Analytics & conversion optimisation
Art Direction

Every detail was perfect

We worked closely with the client and photographer Andy Le Gresley to define a distinctive style for each hotel’s photo shoot. Shot lists and composition notes were rigorously compiled to ensure every detail was perfect. The resulting images look superb on both digital & printed material.


Impact, precision & clarity

We wrote new copy for each hotel, carefully positioning them to appeal to their target markets, highlighting USPs and key customer benefits. In a mobile-dominated digital landscape, well-crafted straplines and headlines are more important than ever, guiding the user through their online experience.

Digital Brand Extension

Optimising brands for the digital experience

The hotels’ brands weren’t optimised for digital, so we extended the existing collateral. A careful balance was struck, with existing brand equity and recognition maintained, while new, effective applications were added.

We’re absolutely delighted with the outcome. This is our window to the world and we’re exceptionally proud of it. We appreciate that this is now the beginning of a new chapter of online excellence and we look forward to working with you on it. You’ve raised the bar!

Oliver Appleyard, Group Marketing Manager


Pixel-perfect implementation

The user experience was designed to be intuitive, and carefully optimised for common task-completion. The websites are built using the open-source Umbraco platform, providing stability and flexibility. This enabled a pixel-perfect implementation of the design, while allowing the client to take ownership of updating content.


Assess, refine and optimise

Enhanced ecommerce tracking gives us real insight into how people behave on the website and booking engine. As well as visualising the checkout funnel to see where users drop out, we can assess how page layout affects revenue and conversion rates. This information enables us to continually assess, refine and optimise the website.


What we achieved

We took a scrupulously rigorous approach, analysing every decision & carefully considering each element. The result is a suite of websites that accurately and effectively present the client’s businesses to their customers. Design often tends to evolve, but the brave decision to rebuild from scratch ensured the finished products are exceptionally well focused on the business objectives.

See the results for yourself at www.pommedorhotel.com and www.mertonhotel.com.

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