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Creating an employee brand

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We developed a dedicated employer brand and designed a fresh new website to bring it to life.

In Jersey's crowded financial services market, Crestbridge's independence sets them apart. It's still owned by the same individuals who set up the business 20 years ago; we wanted to capture this independence of spirit and the personal, friendly atmosphere which makes it a great place to work.

Here's how we gave potential employees an insight into an environment where people are valued, opportunities are plentiful and hard work is rewarded.

  • Digital strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Graphic design
  • Content production
  • Website design & build
  • Digital campaigns
  • Analytics
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Better than the rest

Good staff are hard to find, and Jersey's financial service firms compete fiercely for the best local and international talent. Crestbridge offer a world-class working environment, packed with employee perks from social events to wellbeing initiatives. But how do you communicate that to a digital audience, while staying true to the corporate brand identity? With a creative spark, or course!

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The heart of the matter

Our approach was to focus on a new core thought that captured the essence of what makes Crestbridge special: their owner-managed structure and friendly ethos creates a strong bond, a sense of 'togetherness', amongst the team. 'Together we are Crestbridge' was at the heart of our comms strategy, inspiring a series of creative 'stories' showcasing life at the company.

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Great planning yields the best results

Crestbridge is recruiting in an intensely competitive market, so a winning strategy was required. By adopting a rigorous approach to research, discovery and objective-setting we helped to maximise chances of success. Once we'd profiled the target audience and analysed the competition, we set clear project objectives to keep the team on track:

  • Improve brand perception.
  • Attract, recruit & retain better people.
  • Engender pride & enthusiasm about Crestbridge amongst existing employees.
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Introducing 'The Stack'

Our copywriter struck gold: he created 'The Stack', an ingenious, flexible communication device composed of the core employer brand message - 'Together we are Crestbridge' - and additional supporting messages communicating key brand values. It's flexible, powerful and memorable.

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Crestbridge Stories

We developed and designed a series of 'Crestbridge Stories': carefully curated images depicting office and social situations that represent the Crestbridge employee experience. The images were planned, shot and developed in post-production to show evocative scenes of Crestbridge employees at work and play. Combined with relevant 'Stack' statements, they look great and positively reinforce brand values.

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An ingenious solution

Although the employer brand needed to look and feel distinct from the main corporate brand, it had to tie in with the existing identity too. We used the corporate tag lines as subtle elements within the 'Crestbridge Stories' - a logo on a t-shirt, a screensaver -  an ingenious nod to the core business values in this less formal, employee-focused creative.

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Form & function

The website is designed as a hub, a repository of content for potential and existing employees. As the destination for nearly all traffic generated by digital marketing campaigns, it is likely to be experienced at least once by every candidate, and plays a variety of roles in converting potential candidates to employees. The design and content are rich and inspiring, enabling visitors to get a quick impression of the company culture, then dig a little deeper if they'd like. The online job board and application process is easy to use, and easy for Crestbridge to update and manage.
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Spreading the word

We wrote and produced all text and graphic content on the website, with a focus on providing clear information and a positive brand experience. We also developed 'Crestbridge Stories' assets for all social channels, and produced a variety of animated digital campaign materials for brand launch and beyond.

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