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A new digital vintage for Dunell’s

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Taking in-store experience and knowledge online

Dunell's is an award-winning independent wine and spirit specialist. They’re renowned for their superb product range and exceptional in-store experience - and with over 120 years of trading, they certainly know what they’re doing! 

They asked Webreality to bring them up to date with a best-of-breed online store - and more. Their brief was simple: “Give us the same fantastic customer experience and expert knowledge you get in our shops, on our website.”

Always inspired by fine wines, we tucked in…

  • Content design
  • Information architecture
  • UX design & prototyping
  • Digital branding
  • Website design and development
  • Vendr online store design
  • Analytics and reporting
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Find the perfect drop, faster

It’s lovely to linger over a favourite drink. But when you’re shopping, time is of the essence. We focused on enabling customers to find their favourite tipple, faster. 

User research revealed two types of shopper: the hunter, who knows exactly what they want, and the forager, who enjoys taking time to explore the options.

A powerful on-site search engine helps hunters to find their favourites quickly. But foragers can enjoy exploring by combinations of country, grape, price, food pairing and more. 

With a huge range of products, things could get complicated quickly. To ensure our solution was easy to use, we tested prototypes for both types of shopping behaviour until we got it right.

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Content-first design = conversion

A common mistake with website projects is not considering the full range of content from the start. We began by drilling down into what customers needed to know for every single product, right down to the smallest detail. 

We prototyped product cards and created a ‘worst-case design’ for an item with the longest name, most complicated information, most categories and so on. We iterated the design of this card until we found the correct balance of information and ease of use. The result is product information that doesn’t feel overwhelming, is easy to scan, but delivers on the details when you need it.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that can make the difference between abandoned shopping baskets and completed purchases.

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Mobile first

The Dunell’s site is most often viewed on mobile. You’re likely to shop for wine when you’re sitting drinking wine, rather than at your desk!

Our redesign using Vendr eCommerce platform makes shopping on a smartphone easy and fun. Buttons are designed for fingers and touchscreens, not just mouse clicks. Often overlooked, deliberately designing for human fingers reduces the frustration we’ve all felt when you hit the wrong tiny button!

The navigation is clear and simple on mobile, catering for both hunters and foragers via a prominent search bar and clear drill-down categories.

Rather than using fiddly controls to select quantities, we used easy-to-hit + and - buttons. A welcome side-effect of designing like this is that you not only improve things on mobile, but the experience on bigger screens also ends up being better.

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Expert knowledge, rich content

The team at Dunell's have some of the most in-depth knowledge about wines, beers & spirits in Jersey. Making this available on the website was key to providing a great customer experience.

The Advice section is where customers can learn about grape varieties, regions, producers and food pairings. The Dunell’s team can expand this section in any direction they like, from selections of staff favourites to vintages for special birthdays.

This ever-growing knowledge base is great for passionate customers looking to expand their knowledge, and also for those needing help & guidance - exactly the great experience you get in-store at Dunell’s.

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Less is more

What customers really want is to view products, read information and ... well ... shop! So we dialled back the design to ensure that the products and shopping experience were the star of the show.

The website design is clean and understated, letting the products shine and making shopping easy and intuitive.

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Time to shop!

Why not discover Dunell’s for yourself? We love this Chateauneuf-du-Pape with a smoky steak on the BBQ, but the fun is in finding your own favourites!

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