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Crisp design and catchy copy combine to create an exciting and informative online presence.


R Fresh opened in December 2016, serving healthy, tasty food and drinks to discerning Jersey foodies. As the new kid on the block they needed to make a big impression, fast. The website was the first implementation of the new brand: we breathed life into the concept, carefully representing the distinctive products and values to a new audience. Fresh!

  • Brand positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Digital brand extension
  • Content production
  • Website design & build
  • In-store feedback app

Know your customer. But challenge them too.

We understand what works well in Jersey, but we also know that people love new places and fresh ideas. We were careful to get the balance just right - to sprinkle the familiar and trustworthy with just the right amount of excitement. We wrote a clear positioning statement as the blueprint for our design process, ensuring we hit the mark.


Attract, intrigue, explain

We established a distinctive tone of voice that captured the enthusiastic, friendly and energetic feel of the business. Visit the website, and you get R Fresh. Clever straplines communicate the overall offering, while well-crafted copy gives a tempting insight into the products and service.


Small but powerful

The initial requirement was for a small website to promote the launch of the business. We designed and built a clean, contemporary grid-based site with a clear hierarchy. The target audience are young, tech-savvy and on the move, so the site looks great on mobile. It's designed to be scalable, incorporating additional content and sections as the business develops and grows.


Naturally good,made with love

In one page we tell the whole R Fresh story, from locally-sourced ethical ingredients to the friendly 'counter culture'. Prior to the shop-fit and official photography, we sourced a library of stock photos for the website. We also identified key concepts that were used for in-store signage and campaigns on social media, such as 'Like Healthy, Love Taste' and #saladlife.


The customer is always right

Great customer service is a fundamental part of R Fresh. To help achieve the exceptional standards they aspire to, we designed and built a simple app enabling customers to give feedback on the service they received at the point of payment.


What we achieved

R Fresh is a great business, with superb food and drinks, and it was a privilege to communicate that online. Our achievement was to take nothing more than a logo and a vision, then shape it into something tangible, coherent and aspirational. Something small, but perfectly formed. It's also really satisfying when things we do digitally make their way into the real world, such as the straplines featured on the R Fresh shopfront. 

See the results for yourself at www.rfresh.je.
Then head straight down there for a coffee.

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