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03/10/2019 | Rosie Corbett

3 times our data insights provided added value for clients

At Webreality, we like to deliver maximum value to our clients with everything we do. We design and build great websites, provide superhuman support, and develop engaging and effective digital campaigns across numerous platforms. But the work doesn’t stop there. How else would we know whether we’re doing a good job for our clients without keeping a close eye on performance? 

Stats & hard facts

Data and statistical analysis provide the hard facts we need to evaluate our performance on behalf of our clients. It’s how we identify any problems or new opportunities, and help our clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves in the digital sphere.

Reporting, insights & ROI

We provide bespoke monthly website traffic and/or digital campaign reports for a whole range of clients across a number of industries. Everyone likes to know if traffic to their website is up and whether users are engaging with their content, but the true value lies in the insights we extract from the data and how we use what we learn to produce a better ROI for our clients.

Here are three examples of how our reporting insights benefitted our clients.


1. Search Engine Optimisation

One of our clients saw a sharp decline in organic search traffic over the course of two months. It started off as a steady, barely noticeable decline, but then - Bam! - the website went from receiving over 3,000 visits from Google per month to under 500. 

A big problem

This set alarm bells ringing, and we investigated possible causes immediately. It didn’t take us long to find the issue: the website’s homepage was no longer indexed by Google. As almost 60% of the website’s traffic came from search engines, and about 30% of those visits landed on the homepage, this was a big problem that needed to be resolved, and fast.

A vital intervention

We alerted the client, and their internal IT team were able to investigate further. In a matter of days, the problem was resolved.

In the next month’s report, the client was able to see for themselves how vital the timely intervention was, as there was a 314% increase in visits from organic search.


2. Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience

Conversion rate optimisation is another key area that can be improved through data insights. 

Our international client’s website was receiving good levels of traffic. On-site engagement metrics - time spent on site, bounce rate, and pages viewed per visit - showed that the users were engaging well with site content. Despite this, the number of people submitting contact forms for their solutions - their core conversion metric - showed significant room for improvement.


The contact forms were located towards the bottom of the pages, beneath quite a bit of useful and informative content. We added an anchor link button at the top of the pages which would jump users directly to the contact form, with a compelling ‘Get Started’ call-to-action. 

Improved conversion rate

In the 6 weeks following the change, the number of contact form submissions on the solutions pages increased by 54% compared to the previous period. The percentage of forms submitted by users that had previously visited the site also improved, indicating that the change provided a better user experience, particularly for those that had arrived at the site with intent.


3. Digital Campaigns

We have been running successful Google Ads paid search campaigns for a long-standing hospitality client for a number of years. While the campaigns performed well and continued to generate a strong ROI, we wanted to identify areas where we could further improve their return on investment.

Identifying opportunities

When analysing traffic, we identified that although website visitors from the search engine Bing accounted for only 7% of organic search traffic, they contributed 19% of organic search revenue in 2018. This highlighted a new opportunity to run paid search campaigns on Bing through the Microsoft Ads platform, which we duly recommended to our client. 

A successful campaign

To test the waters, we allocated 6% of the monthly PPC budget to Microsoft Ads campaigns. After the first 3 months, the data showed us that the high levels of engagement from organic Bing users did indeed translate to those that clicked on an ad: visitors accounted for 6% of paid search traffic, but were responsible for 12% of revenue and 13% of transactions. 

Improving ROI

The e-commerce conversion rate of Microsoft Ads users was an incredible 125% higher than Google Ads users, and was successful in improving our client’s paid search return on investment.


In conclusion

These examples demonstrate the fundamental role that reporting and data analysis plays at Webreality, and the positive influence our insights can have on a company’s online presence, performance and ROI.

Whether it’s boosting traffic, improving engagement, or increasing revenue, we look for areas where we can do a better job for our clients, which helps them to get a better return on their investment.


What’s in it for you?

Our clients know how important it is to understand where their traffic is coming from, and how users are interacting with their website. But when push comes to shove, this area is often one of the first things to be neglected. 

Does that sound familiar? 

If you’d like to gain insights about your website visitors and receive recommendations on how to improve your digital presence, but you don’t have the time or the know-how, let Webreality do the leg work for you!

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