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04/03/2014 | Webreality

A Webreality-supported charity: Jersey Hospice Care

 Hospice screen shot

If you live in Jersey, you've heard of Jersey Hospice Care. It is, quite simply, a supremely effective, well run and well loved organisation, which is intricately woven into the fabric of local life.

Founded in 1982, Jersey Hospice provides home care, day hospice and in-patient services for patients with cancer and motor neurone disease.

Its premises at Mont Cochon have recently undergone phase one of a massive extension, fully funded by its own fund-raising activities, to accommodate the expected increase in demand for Hospice services caused by the changing demographic profile of Jersey's population.

Hospice extension phase 1

In terms of fund-raising activities, Hospice is well known for its two remarkably popular shops, one in town at Union Street and its charity superstore at La Rue du Creux Baillot in St Ouen. St Ouen, in particular, has been a runaway success with a large but stretched car park and queues of people donating goods.

Hospice shop St Ouen

It is also famous for its hugely popular big participation events, such as the Million Pound Lottery, the first of its type in Jersey, the Gallery Rally, the Bedell Cycle Challenges, and the Condor Ferries Dragon Boat Festival.

At Webreality, we try to contribute two new websites each year to charitable organisations. Jersey Hospice Care was one of the earliest websites we donated, some eight years ago, and we have continued to contribute our time and services at no charge. Just as Hospice and its facilities have evolved, the Hospice website has evolved into its third major incarnation over that time, with functionality that has allowed it to raise funds, invite fundraisers to manage their campaigns themselves, and sell products online. The latest version, which has a simple but functional design, was also built using responsive design principles to ensure that it is easy to use on mobile devices.

It is particularly satisfying for us when a charity is able to integrate its website so directly into its fund-raising activities.

Palliative care organisations like Jersey Hopsice Care are a vital part of a community's health care provision.

When the job is done with the care, compassion, energy and effectiveness that Jersey Hospice Care brings, it is something for us all to celebrate and support. We're incredibly proud to be able to help.