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16/03/2020 | Matthew Robins

Covid-19: Webreality status and plan

This blog post is to update you on Webreality's plans to address the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have been planning for it since mid-February, having followed news of its progress around the globe.

Our plan

Our standard business continuity plan in the event that we are unable to use our HQ office in Jersey is for everyone to work remotely. All of our systems and equipment have been provisioned with easy remote working in mind, and we all work remotely some of the time. Four of our 25 people are in the UK, so our operational risk is not fully concentrated in Jersey.

Current status

On Tuesday last week we implemented Stage 1 of our two-stage response plan, triggered by the public announcement of the first detected Covid-19 case in Jersey. Since that day, our mode of operation has been home working by default for all bar a small number of team members who have worked at our office. The purpose of this stage was to minimise the risk of the virus being transmitted between our team members.

Next steps

With effect from tomorrow, we will go to Stage 2 of our plan, with the office closed for business until further notice and all team members working from home.

We will continue operating normally in all respects, except that all meetings will be held as calls or video conferences. Our switchboard number and service is unaffected.

Subject to our team members remaining well, we do not expect to experience any operational disruption, even in the event of full "lockdown" in Jersey or the UK locations where our UK-based team members live.

Call on our support

We are very conscious that the coming weeks and months might present you with new challenges. Please do get in touch with your usual contact if there's anything we can do to help.