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13/02/2015 | Simon Mobey

Facebook Business Manager: It’s time to migrate!

Facebook migration

If, like many of our clients, your business uses paid Facebook advertising to share products and content, you may need to take action on your account.

The Facebook page for your company was most likely setup through a personal profile (John Smith, Joe Bloggs etc), in which case everything is okay. 

However, an issue arises if your page is not connected to a personal account and was created as a stand-alone profile, in which case Facebook will now categorise it as a ‘shared’ account. 

Typically used by companies and their employees to manage advert accounts and pages, these ‘shared accounts’ will not be supported beyond next Monday, 16th February, and must be connected to a personal account or migrated to Facebook’s new Business Manager format in order to continue. 

Promising an easier way to manage advert accounts, pages, apps and employee permissions, Facebook’s Business Manager can be quickly set up for your business by following these simple steps

Add your personal Facebook account as an ‘Administrator’ to your business page. (Find a guide to doing this here)

Go to whilst signed in to your personal Facebook account. At the foot of the opening page press ‘Get Started’. 

Follow the 4 simple steps (giving basic information of your business and assigning your business pages) before selecting ‘Create Business Manager’. 

Hey presto! Your page is now secured.  

We’ll explain more about using Business Manager on this blog next week, including how to add your payment details for future campaigns and adding employee access rights. 

But for now, you can enjoy the Valentine’s weekend knowing your business page will still be safe and accessible on Monday morning!