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15/04/2016 | Webreality

A new Facebook feature: Quote Sharing

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Facebook's F8 conference has generated a lot of column inches and screen pixels, as you would expect. Much of it has centred on Mark Zuckerberg's 'State of the Nation' style address. He laid out a grand 10 year plan for Facebook, which pretty much predicted a complete overhaul of the way the world communicates. From augmented reality and AI to connecting more of the world's population to the internet, he covered some interesting topics and made some big statements.

In all of this, it's easy to miss some of the small details that will affect us immediately. Like Quote Sharing. Here at Webreality, we're always looking out for products and services that can add value to our clients' businesses, and we think Quote Sharing fits the bill. It's a simple tool, but has great potential.

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Basically, Quote Sharing is new way for people to easily share quotes they find around the web with their Facebook friends. It’s a plugin that can be installed to a website, and adds a 'Share Quote' button directly into web pages. Whenever a visitor highlights text on the page, the 'Share Quote' button with the Facebook logo pops up. Click it, and Facebook pastes the highlighted text into a new post, and includes a full preview of the website. It's easy to use and pretty slick. 

In fact, it’s so slick we’ve added it to our blog pages right here. Try highlighting some text on this page and you can see it in action. Maybe you’d like to try it out by sharing a quote from this article - we’d be delighted! 

Against all the big news from F8, 'Quote Sharing' may look pretty insignificant. But businesses rely heavily on Facebook to promote their products and services, and to reach their audience. With people currently posting less to Facebook than they used to, Quote Sharing represents a new way they can easily post to their feeds. It also enables businesses to encourage website visitors to share their content, promoting products & services and driving traffic back to their website. Crucially, it's a relatively easy and swift solution to implement, which makes it a great option for smaller businesses.

To get advice on how a good Facebook strategy can help to cost-effectively promote your business, get in touch with Mark Evans for a chat.


Image: Facebook