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27/04/2012 | Webreality

Farewell to a great friend

Today we we say goodbye to a Webreality team member - something that doesn’t happen very often.

Nathan Lawrence joined Webreality in 2009, straight from university, where he studied chemistry.

He joined us at a time when we’d been struggling to find a really good junior web developer.

Nathan’s CV promised no commercial web experience, but a deep love of all things hardware. He was particularly keen to get involved in the management of our web hosting hardware, at a time when we were planning the next life stage of our infrastructure - virtualisation.

He was modest and self-effacing at interview, to the extent that his CV didn’t mention the fact that he’d built a web content management system in his own time at university, just for fun and to satisfy his curiosity. He was in!

Nathan learned as fast as we could train him, and before long he was taking on way more responsibility for projects, infrastructure and client relationships than we could have predicted. From his core strength in hardware he became a very competent web developer.

He established himself very quickly as a popular team member, with an understated, dry sense of humour. He celebrated his stag do with his colleagues, on a day trip to France during which we established that he was rubbish at karting as he was great at web stuff.


We all enjoyed his wedding reception when he married Kirsty last summer, and we all laughed at our Christmas outings in Rennes in 2010 and 2011 when he crashed his kart. A lot.

Now that our virtualisation project is complete, he’s going to join the States of Jersey Police to take a great job managing their IT infrastructure transition from Rouge Bouillon to their new HQ.

It’s been a pleasure having Nathan in the team, and we all wish him the very best in his new job. He’ll be missed.