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24/05/2013 | Webreality

Introducing Simon Mobey - our Content & Community Manager

Simon Mobey

We don’t always make a fanfare about new team members, but we decided that it was important to publish an announcement about Simon Mobey, our newest recruit, because his role is an important new one for Webreality and our clients.

So, what is a “Content & Community Manager”?

Social media now dominate our online habits. What this means for businesses and brands is a need be more active online with a content strategy that engages people, and recognises that online communities can be built around great content.

The benefit? Greater visibility and more traffic, not only within the social platforms themselves, like Facebook and LinkedIn, but also via search engines. Content marketing is a crucial part of any search engine optimisation strategy.

So Simon has joined us to help clients who don’t have the time or skills to manage their own content and online communities for best results. 

It's a creative role, a commercial one, and an analytical one, requiring a pretty special blend of skills and attributes. We're very happy to have found that rare kind of person in Simon.

Simon joined us in March 2013 following three years developing his skills as a web content editor working for two football-related charity organisations in the UK.

From mid-2010 until early 2012 he worked for the Homeless World Cup Foundation, where he was responsible for launching a new website, developing and implementing its content strategy, and building an online user community to help meet the charitable ojectives of the Homeless World Cup.

He then moved on in early 2012 to implement the same kind of project for Street Soccer Scotland.

These projects allowed him to develop his expertise in content strategy development, online editorial management and social media management, and all in highly pressured environments.

You’ll find more about Simon on our About us page.

And we’ve written some explanatory blog posts on our new website:

In Simon's own words, "I’m delighted to have joined Webreality and privileged to join a group of professionals with a proven track record of creating attractive, engaging and responsive websites and first rate client care.  

"Beautiful websites become truly effective by publishing content that is captivating, relevant and shareable, drawing the attention of web users and search engines. Content is king and I’m looking forward to working with our clients to ensure that they are ahead of the game."

For more information about content marketing services, please contact Mark Evans.