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08/03/2012 | Webreality

Jersey retail - listen to the market!

David Warr is a good man with a difficult job to do at Chamber of Commerce.

It must be a thankless task, being the appointed apologist of a retail sector that simply will not respond to the clear message from the market.

David made the front page of the Jersey Evening Post yesterday with a plea to the States to help retailers regain their local trade by making town parking free and speeding up the planning process.

The response from Jersey consumers could scarcely be easier to predict: “Don’t bother - we’re all online now.”

Here’s a link to the JEP news item online with its comments:

Until local retailers at least TRY to address the unstoppable competition from off-island online retailers by launching their own e-commerce offerings, their pleas for local support will continue to fall mostly on deaf ears.