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04/03/2014 | Webreality

The art of persuasive web design - a reading recommendation

persuasive design

What's the most important job for your website to do? For most website owners the answer involves getting people to DO something. So how can you make that happen?

Our priority in web design is always to help our clients help their target audience get stuff done online. It's called "conversion optimisation" and it's what really motivates us in web design.

We're always reading and researching new thinking in this area. Sometimes something comes along which summarises the subject better than we've seen before.

The brilliant blog post we're recommending here is probably the best summary we've ever seen of how to design for conversions.

The blog author, Peep Laja, calls it "persuasive web design" which is a good name.

So read about persuasive web design here, and let us know what you think of Peep's ideas.