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Inspiring successful futures with Chapter One

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A distinctive brand identity and slick bookings website

The founders of Chapter One want to shake up the professional training & development industry with a fresh new approach. We worked with them to develop a distinctive brand identity that firmly positioned them in an established market, and a website to power online course bookings.

  • Name and brand development
  • Website design and development
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Website analytics & reporting
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A fresh approach

The founders of Chapter One have decades experience of professional training and development. They know the industry inside out - and they know they want to do things differently.

Gone are large class sizes, dull lessons and a one-size-fits-all approach. Chapter One is the start of a new training story, where small classes make the most of the latest technology to support learning. Where tutors treat each student as an individual, tailoring their approach to suit. And where a real community spirit ensures everyone is supported to achieve their best.

When the founders approached us their vision was clear, but they needed a name, a visual identity and a website.

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Belief, ownership & pride

When we work with a startup, we think it’s vital to get the founders involved as much as possible. We get to know them well, so we can develop a brand that truly represents their vision.

We also make the process fun. Because starting a new business is hard work, but it should also be enjoyable, right? We ran workshops with the founders to examine and interrogate their plans and goals, and to profile their customers. The Chapter One team jumped right in to the creative process, getting involved and taking ownership of their new brand.

If you have fun and get involved in shaping your new brand, you’ll be proud of it, truly believe in it. Own it.

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Positioning & personality

Branding doesn't start with a logo. It begins with a clear purpose. Our workshops helped the founders to express the shape, direction and purpose of their business.

We worked to capture their vision and mission in plain but inspiring language. And we developed a distinctive tone of voice that will attract and resonate with their customers.

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What's in a name?

Naming a new business is hard. As well as being appropriate and available, it's got to be something with the right meaning and feel. It's got to have that magic for the owners.

This business represented a new chapter for the founders - and for training in Jersey. And for customers, it was the start of a new personal development journey.

We think the name 'Chapter One' captured all of this, while conveying their informed, serious and effective approach to training.

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Visual identity

With a logo, we aim for three main qualities. Simple. Recognisable. Memorable. Beyond that, it’s all about positioning the brand correctly in the market and in the eyes of customers.

Our solution hits the target. It clearly differentiates Chapter One from its competitors, looking refined, contemporary and dynamic.

It works well at a range of scales, from building signage to documentation to social icons. And with digital an essential channel for startups, it animates nicely for attention-grabbing marketing.

It’s also easily legible at different sizes, thanks to clear type and high contrast colours. Accessibility may not yet be a legal requirement, but we believe it’s both ethical and commercially astute to ensure your brand is visible to all.

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Look your best

When launching a startup, it's crucial that a brand is professional, recognisable and consistent from day one. Quickly creating positive brand awareness is crucial to successful business development, and in building a strong relationship with customers.

We designed a suite of business development materials including business cards, presentations, and document templates for our client to use.

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Chapter One's website reinforces the brand and provides essential information for potential clients and customers. And we worked with the founders to develop a distinctive brand voice that is crisp, positive and professional.

Working with Callum Thorne and Holly Smith, we ensured the site's video and photography reflected Chapter One's progressive approach to professional training.

Ultimately the website will integrate with Chapter One's Learning Management System, but in order to drive initial bookings, we built a cost-effective and flexible booking form which responds to users' requirements.

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