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Giving Santander International a digital boost

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A digital strategy that delivers

You can run great digital campaigns, but if your website doesn't convert, the effort is wasted. Our relationship with Santander International began as their digital marketing partner. We designed and delivered several successful campaigns, but the data showed that a better user experience on the website would improve ROI.

We worked closely with the Santander team to create an industry-leading, customer-focused website that captures their commitment to the communities they serve.

  • Content modelling
  • Information architecture
  • UX design and wireframing
  • Website design and development
  • Custom web app development
  • Cyber-security
  • PPC management
  • Facebook marketing
  • Analytics and reporting
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Working with a global brand

It's a privilege to work with a globally recognised brand. But it also carries great responsibility, requiring precision and discipline in applying the visual identity, selecting images and maintaining tone of voice.

We collaborated with Santander's brand and design team to ensure there was absolute consistency across the digital applications of the Santander International brand. This also gave us an opportunity to evolve the digital guidelines and bring Santander International right up-to-date with current best practice for how a brand is used in the digital space.

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Complex content, presented simply

Most banking websites share a similar problem: so much information that users can feel overwhelmed. Our aim was to bring really important information to the surface, whilst providing customers with a clear route into the specific detail that matters to them.

We achieved this by modelling content across all products and service to fully understand the structure, then extensively wireframing and testing key pages. The result is a website that presents content in a clear structure and hierarchy, supporting users to find relevant information and complete tasks.

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A range of audiences

Santander International serves three core audiences: local, international and corporate. Clearly separating these in the main navigation allowed us to provide a tailored experience to each audience. Without the distraction of irrelevant content and links, users can fully focus on the task at hand.

With campaigns running both locally and internationally, it was crucial that we could direct traffic to relevant landing pages with dedicated content and onward links.

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Conversion, conversion, conversion

Santander International provides a range of well designed products, excellent service and competitive rates. However, Jersey and the Isle of Man have exceptionally crowded banking and mortgage sectors. The website needed to cut through the noise while maintaining a focus on conversion.

We clearly defined business goals and user needs, then conducted a meticulous user experience design process to ensure we delivered on both. Whether browsing the web for the best rates or landing on the site from a digital ad, it's never been easier for people to find the information they need and become Santander International customers.

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Preparing for lift-off

Even when we're focused on a project, we keep our clients' broader business objectives in mind. With Santander International we were able to adjust our plans and launch strategy to ensure key elements of the website were live in time to promote the opening of the stunning new Work Café in Jersey.

Over the years Webreality's team has grown, but we've retained the ability to be agile and respond to our client's needs and business objectives in real-time.

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