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Citizenship and residency specialists Latitude asked us to create their brand and promote it worldwide.

Latitude sells freedom. The freedom to travel. The freedom to invest. The freedom to live the life you want to live. They are experts at helping ultra high-net-worth individuals from all over the world gain residency and citizenship.

When we met them their mission was clear, but their identity was not. Here’s how we launched a startup into a highly competitive market and made an immediate impact.

  • Research & workshops
  • Brand Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design & Build
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Production
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Launch with confidence

The team at Latitude are highly experienced and well respected amongst their peers. But with a brand new business to launch, they needed to make a big impression to compete with established industry stalwarts.

The branding needed to ooze confidence, command respect, and capture the imagination of a new generation of tech-savvy, UHNW individuals. And it needed to work worldwide.

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Strong coffee & passionate debates

Settling on a name for a new business is always difficult, but we think it’s really important that the process is enjoyable. We invited Latitude’s Directors on a journey of discovery to develop their brand positioning and find that all important name. Workshops were held. Strong coffee was consumed. Passionate debates raged. And then we all fell in love with ‘Latitude’.

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Collaboration and balance

A brand is more than a logo: it’s an expression of business culture. For a startup, that has to come from the people that live and breathe it every day. We held workshops with the founding partners, taking them on a journey of discovery to shape a brand & identity that they were proud of. Working together, we found the perfect expression of their business objectives, both inspiring and reassuring, dynamic and corporate.

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Confident & dynamic

Latitude’s new visual identity is simple and restrained, yet stylish and confident. The brand icon is recognisable, dynamic and versatile. Clean fonts and the conservative use of colour provide a powerful, corporate feel, whilst retaining a modern edge that appeals to a younger, more emotionally driven audience. The arrow icon is flexible and recognisable, utilised across a variety of marketing applications to enhance brand recognition.

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Demystifying daunting decisions

Applying for residency or citizenship can be daunting, but Latitude demystifies the application process, providing a reassuring level of transparency. We stripped away the red tape, focusing on customer benefits to build a powerful and compelling case for a range of investment migration solutions. By combining emotive imagery, dynamic animations and clearly categorised information, we make complex processes easily digestible.

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Closing the loop

UHNW individuals are hard to reach. They’re protective of their privacy, travel extensively, and are targeted by luxury brands with big budgets. Targeting this audience with digital marketing was challenging and expensive, so we had to be inventive. A meticulously researched global AdWords campaign was implemented, ensuring potential clients searching for citizenship and residency services encountered Latitude. To close the loop, an international remarketing campaign across display and social media used compelling creative to ensure all qualified leads stayed engaged with the brand.

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Testing and Learning

Once we launched the website and marketing campaigns, our work had only just begun. We embarked on an intensive process of testing and optimisation. As the data began to roll in, we analysed search terms, click rates and page popularity to refine our marketing and web content. The global nature of Latitude’s business means different marketing messages resonate better in different markets. With our finger constantly on the pulse, we discovered what works best to generate leads.

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Admired & respected

Latitude launched into a market dominated by established players, but immediately caused a stir. The brand has garnered industry admiration and respect, supported business expansion and captured the imagination of a new generation of UHNW individuals.

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